Men's Cut

When visiting a barbershop for the first time (or even if they’ve been there before), a customer may feel overwhelmed by the vast array of available information about modern haircuts, styling techniques, and professional jargon available via the internet and glossy barbering magazines. To make going to the Barber and deciding on a cut easier. The Twins Barber Shop in Phoenix, Arizona, is home to a team of communicative and inventive barbers who can please even the pickiest of customers.


One of the most frequently asked about cuts is the fade. Fade is not so much a style of cutting hair as it is a method for cutting hair that results in a “Charred” transition from longer to shorter hair. The barbers at Twins provide a variety of fade styles, each tailored to the individual’s face shape, hairstyle, and aesthetic goals. Although there are more than thirty file formats in existence, only three are commonly seen in daily life.

Men's Long Hair Cut

You’ve managed to let your hair grow out, so now it’s time to choose the best long hairstyle for your hair and your lifestyle.

Men with long hair are in style, and there are so many new cuts and styles to choose from that it can be hard to find the right one.


Curly locks are proof that your hair really can be your crowning glory when it comes to long hairstyles for men. Long curls have texture and volume, and as long as you don’t mind taming the frizz, it’s a laid-back style for guys. Now, you can wear your hair long and feel good about it.

Hair With Lots of Layers

Layering long hair is a good way to thin out thick, heavy hair or give fine, long hair more volume and texture. It’s the best way to wear long hair on a man with a round or square face and a middle part. Think of actor Norman Reedus if you want to be more manly.


Once you get over the fact that it takes a long time to grow long hair, you’ll find that not all men’s long hairstyles require a lot of work. There are a lot of long hairstyles for men out there, from middle parts to braids. Straight-haired guys, you should try them all.

Kids (12 & Younger)

Phoenix, Arizona’s Finest Barbers for Kids

At our Phoenix, Arizona, Twins Barbershop, children of all ages can choose from a wide range of kid-friendly haircut options.

Most parents still wait till after their child’s first birthday before giving him or her a haircut. It is risky to give a baby his first haircut before he turns one since the fontanelles in his skull have not fully healed. Many people believe that hair will come in healthy and thick after a baby turns one, so they shave their heads. Trichologists, however, are unanimous in their belief that it is impossible to shave the heads of children since doing so can interfere with blood flow and cause irritation to the scalp. It’s important to trim the baby’s locks since the so-called “fluffy” hair is replaced with thicker, adult hair after the first year. This circumstance is analogous to when you lose your baby teeth so that your permanent ones can come in. You can hasten the transition to your new hairstyle by getting a haircut, or you can wait for the newborn hairs to fall out naturally.

Senior (65 & Older) Beard + quiff

In your opinion, what cuts work best for a man over 60?

A proper hairdo is essential for guys of distinction. Here you will find a wide variety of senior-friendly hairdo options, from the ever-classic and enduring comb-back to the low-maintenance lob.

One of the oldest and most reliable men’s hairstyles is the Quiff. Its adaptable design works for men of all ages and complements a variety of face shapes. The beard will make this cut much better. This style works particularly well for men who are blessed with full facial hair and hair.