Beard Trim


Even while facial hair hasn’t been fashionable since the early 1900s at the earliest, that doesn’t imply your beard should resemble that of a former U.S. president. Visit Twins Barbershop and let the professional barbers help you create a beard that will make your friends envy you.

Our barbers have years of practice and formal education to draw on as they practice the fine art of beard maintenance. Maintaining a neat, well-groomed, and fashionable beard or mustache is easy with our assistance.

Quick Shave

15-20 min You can skip doing it at home thanks to the convenience of a good shave. You can just lay back in the barber chair and let us handle it while you.

Old Fashioned HOT TOWEL Shave

The Hot towels on your face after a straight-razor shave are one of the greatest parts of the experience. The whole process calms you down considerably. The warmth of the towel softens the beard, making it easier for the barber to perform a clean and comfortable shave.